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QIH Christmas Trees

Reversible Trees! You can stitch these designs with just fabric, just Embroidery Glitter, or a side of each.  They are stitched using the Quilt in the Hoop Method.
Finished sizes for Assembled designs: Medium 10.5” x 14.2”, Large 12.4” x 17.7”, Jumbo 15” x 29.9”
Commercial Sizes: (The entire Tree): 6.7” x 4.9”, 8” 5.7”, 10” x 7.3”
(The Tree Ornament): 5” x 3.7”, 6” x 4.3”, 7.4" x 5.4
(The Star): 3.7” x 3.6”, 4.4” x 4.2”, 5.5” x 5.3”

actual stitchout
The white tree is assembled from 6 sections, the small green tree can be an ornament and the other three are stitched complete in one hoop. The Gold tree is done with Fairy Frost and the rest with Embroidery Glitter.
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QIH Christmas Trees
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Item# BFC1384C
Fun Set Only $15
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These designs are copyrighted and are the property of Susan Makalinaw and BFC Creations.
You may sew these designs on items for personal use and gifts, or on items for sale.
You may not sell or share this design in any way.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your designs!