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Ching Chou's Pale Messenger

This beautiful lady is made of 4 designs and you get full instructions for putting it together. The four accent designs can be used on other projects or perhaps a pillow or combined with the picture on a quilt. In addition to the 8 designs, all purchasers will receive the picture as one design in 4 sizes. This is supplied in DST format. I experimented using Embroidery Glitter on this picture. I fused a piece big enough for the whole picture to a piece of white cotton fabric and stitched the design. It came out great and really sparkles! It also stitched beautifully. Use as a picture, pillow or on a shirt.

The Pale Messenger was created from the artwork of Fantasy Artist Ching Chou Kuik. We have signed a licensing agreement so I can create embroidery designs from her work. The artwork of course remains the copyrighted property of Ching Chou Kuik. She gives permission to use these designs on items for sale as long as *artwork from Ching Chou Kuik and design from BFC* is given with the items. You can see Ching Chou’s work at the link to her web site at the bottom of this page. You can purchase a thread kit for this set from BFC Stash.

FINISHED SIZES OF EMBROIDERY: Finished sizes (without sashings): Medium Designs 8.6” x 10”, Large Designs 10.1” x 14.2”, Jumbo Designs 12.7” x 17.7”
Commercial Sizes: 6” x 8” ,   6.8” x 9”,   7.6” x 10” ,  9.1” x 12”

actual stitchout
Designs in set
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Ching Chou's Pale Messenger
All Sizes
(24 Designs + 4 one hoop designs)
Item# BFC1383C $45
Ching Chou's Pale Messenger
for 5x7 Hoop
(8 Designs + 4 one hoop designs)
Item# BFC1383M $30

Ching Chou's Pale Messenger
for 6x10Hoop
(8 Designs + 4 one hoop designs)
Item# BFC1383L $30


Ching Chou's Pale Messenger
for 8 x 12 Hoop
(8 Designs + 4 one hoop designs)
Item# BFC1383J $30
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These designs are copyrighted and are the property of Susan Makalinaw and BFC Creations.
You may sew these designs on items for personal use and gifts, or on items for sale.
You may not sell or share this design in any way.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your designs!